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Fear Rationale
« on: August 01, 2018, 02:10:48 AM »
My character has a severe psionophobia. This might be more of an RP question but it's bound to what I'm meant to do as a rule IG so I figured I'd ask here.

Both in and oog I don't know much about Psionics. I do know that they're related to innate power, which is related to a story reason for why my character has that phobia. I have a lot of questions about this and about severe phobia; if you can answer any of them please do!

-Is my phobia triggered on every experience I have with psionics, or is there wiggle room for RP?
For example, say I have an ally using psionics. Reasonably, I feel like I may run and hide for a little while. But if I am consoled by/come to an understanding with that person, may I learn to respect their art without panicking (from a cautious distance)? Or is my fear of them completely withstanding so long as they're around?
If the former is true and there is wiggle room, I'd assume that would only apply to that specific caster. I know that this flaw like most others is meant to be difficult/impossible to ever permanently cure.

-Is my fear of psionics dependent on my knowledge of it? The description for psionophobia states that any abilities with the "pain" or "force" descriptors activate it, but I assume that the realm of psionics is beyond just those two things. Do I need to be intimately familiar with psionics or can I go by the simple fear of physiological magic? Similar to my first question, I assume knowledge dependency would make me afraid of things that I may worry are psionic but aren't actually, which makes sense to me RP wise. I understand it may be a combination of both possibilities though.

-Severe phobia and the fear affect in general seem awfully forgiving. I would get the impression that a severe phobia would be the sort of thing to make me flee for my life screaming bloody murder. However, the description of the affect makes it seem like the requirements are just to be wary of the source or to defeat it at soon as possible. Again, should I go with my gut here or stay binary to the desc.?

Any and all of these can be solved with a simple "go with your impression" or "go with RAW" on all 3. I am new and I want to make sure I understand the level of RP expected and how much leeway there is. Thank you for any and all advice!
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Re: Fear Rationale
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2018, 10:20:08 AM »
Hi Seth, I'm Catie, the GD for New England.  Welcome aboard!

A severe phobia of psionics has great potential for RP.

- It's a severe phobia and, by the textbook definition, phobias are not logical.  IRL, I have a needle phobia.  You can logic me all day and I will logically understand, but I will still hyperventilate and try to get away when I see a hypodermic needle.  Over time your phobia could fade, but you would need to work with logistics/plot to buy off that flaw (lose the points you gained from taking the flaw) and have your character work through it.  Characters do buy off phobias based on interactions with other characters, it's a great bit of development.  But so long as that flaw is on your card, you have a severe phobia of all psionics.  No wiggle room until you've bought it off.

- If you have good reason to believe there's psionics afoot, you would be afraid.  The Force carrier is from when a psion uses telekinetics to amp up their attack.  Example, my little librarian that's an eidolon suddenly starts whacking people with a rapier way harder than you would expect.  That Force carrier is your indicator that there's some psionic tomfoolery going on and that you will want to get away from it.  And yes, some paranoia would be appropriate.  Are they sitting quietly together or is there some telepathy going on . . .

- It's a bit forgiving because you don't want to spend the entire event hiding.  There's a fair number of psions.  There is room in the RP to make it fit the situation.  Something that's minor like seeing an eidolon using telepathy would cause a smaller reaction than stumbling on a full gestalt ritual.  Or having a psion try to use their psionic skill on you (that would be horrifying).  Use your/your character's view of the situation.

Hop in with both feet, you'll do fine.  If you have any questions during the game, you can ask a judge or swing by logistics (during office hours).  I'll be sure to say hi during logistics since you'll be staying away from my little blue eidolon in game.
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