Author Topic: [In-game Fiction] Haas, Demon Prince of Fear (Excerpt)  (Read 233 times)


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[In-game Fiction] Haas, Demon Prince of Fear (Excerpt)
« on: July 08, 2018, 12:39:59 AM »
[Author's Note:]
These events are canon, though your character may not be aware of them.

"Every living person has a Void in their heart..." the Prelate spoke. Her words dripping in languid tones, the absence of sound between each syllable was grating.

"There is a beauty to it, if you think about it. So much can be accomplished in those spaces in-between. So much waits for the soul brave enough to plumb the emptiness between the lies we call emotion." she raised her eyebrow suggestively as she regarded the young Vashti woman. Her arm was broken, her lip torn and bleeding, but she still longed to bury her knife in this wretched fiend's throat.

The Prelate looked over the young woman, examining her body language. She knew the rage that burned in the ranger's heart. Her lips coiled into a serpent's smile.

"You could try for it, you know." the Prelate's eyebrow arched as she glanced knowingly to her side - regarding the young woman's discarded sword and hatchet with mock fear. Her lips curled back from her teeth like a Cessyre cat's wicked grin, revealing incredibly long canines and a slightly pointed tongue.

"Void serpent take you, you hell-spawned bitch!" the Vashti woman spat. She gave no sign of weakness, she showed no fear. She was Antali of the Red Lions, Daughter of Queen Khepri and Fourth Sister of the Blood. She would not lay here as pray to be slaughtered.

The Vashti woman struggled, summoning all of her anger, all of her pride, and every ounce of remaining confidence and strength that burned within her. Despite the searing pain of her broken arm and twisted ankle, she stood defiant in the face of this so-called Prelate.

"Do your worst, demon. You do not have dominion over me." Her eyes were cold as ice and ten times as hard.

The Prelate's eyes softened, mock fear giving way to panic, and then terror.

A few moments later, the Prelate smiled again. Her laugh echoed around the small subterranean chamber in dual tones - both the sublime, lilting tones of her feminine voice, and the grading baritone growl of her demonic voice.

With preternatural speed the Prelate turned, suddenly standing directly before Antali, and even closer than before. The shadows that filled the room seemed to flicker and bend, taking on the shape of spindly arachnid arms and razor-sharp talons.

"Oh my dear, dear Antali. I will not harm your body." Looking to the side of the room, in the deepest of the shadows, the Prelate called out in a motherly tone; "Come now Safiya! Your sister is ready to see you, as I promised!"

Antali's eyes grew wide. Immediately her body broke into cold and hot flashes, an icy sweat rapidly spreading across her brow. How did this demon witch get her hands on Antali's youngest sister? Were the Queen's guard so lax in their duties? After an instant of contemplation, Antali decided that it could not be true. Her sister was protected, and these were merely more lies from the mouth of the demon. Her resolve hardened further still, Antali returned her fiery gaze to the demon's soulless eyes and spoke calmly.

"I won't be a toy for your amusement, demon." much to Antali's horror, the demon smiled in genuine glee.

A few second later, a young Vashti girl no more than eight years old entered the small subterranean chamber. She was dirty, and looked hungry, but was otherwise in good health. As the girl stepped forth from the shadows, her head was low and her gait was hesitant and pained.

"I'm sorry sister," Safiya spoke softly and in the hushed tones of shame. "I should not have let myself be captured, I tried to fight, but she was too strong." Safiya began to cry.

Anger gave way to blind rage intermingled with piercing terror. Antali's face contorted as her mind raced through a series of emotions. Suddenly, all of her will focused on a single path.

With reflexes and speed honed by a decade of grueling trials, Antali leapt to the side. Rolling off of her good shoulder she hurled her last dagger as she came to her feet. The Prelate batted the dagger easily aside. Bending for only a flash of a moment, Antali picked up her hatchet and hurled it at the Prelate. As the demonic woman plucked the weapon from the air with her shadow-spawned talons, Antali took her chance.

Crossing the remaining distance between them with remarkable speed, Antali feinted low and to the right, narrowly avoiding the attack of one spidery arm. An instant later she somersaulted through the air as her momentum carried her, avoiding the attack of a different shadowy talon. Finally she landed mere feet before the Prelate, lunging forward with all of her might to sink her blade into the vile creature's wicked heart.

Time seemed to stand still.

The Prelate looked straight into Antali's eyes, a smile played wide across the demon's face. The demon wrapped a surprisingly fragile feeling arm around Antali's waist and pulled her closer, as she labored to continue breathing.

"Excellent." she whispered through clenched teeth. "I knew you wouldn't let me down... sister."

As the shadows in the room faded, Safiya's tiny body slumped over into Antali's arms - Antali's oathblade piercing her youngest sister's fragile, vulnerable form.

The Prelate's laughter lingered in the air as complete despair ravaged Antali's mind.
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