Author Topic: Terpsichore - The Seventh Muse  (Read 139 times)


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Terpsichore - The Seventh Muse
« on: April 10, 2019, 07:49:29 PM »
Illith'ari Lore 3+
Celestial Lore 6+
Planar Lore (or) Divine Lore 15+

•   The Seventh Muse – the Muse of Dance
•   Angelic Prince of the Ardent
•   Supreme Arbiter of the Dreamscape
•   Wielder of the Sensate - the Six Blades of Inspiration.

A humanoid being of strange dimensions, tall and lanky with four arms and six wings unfurled as a single pair, stands above you. Her feet hover slightly over the ground. When she speaks, her voice reverberates upon itself with great intensity, as if she speaks with a multitude of voices rather than only one.

In times of war, she wears a helmet of mithril, decorated with an exceedingly ornate filigree. Her eyes are covered by the helmet, but she appears to be able to see regardless. Her armor is carved of mithril as well, covering her entirely the metal seems to be poured onto her skin despite its many plates and layers.

In times of peace and reflection, she wears loose fitting clothing – and little of it. She is able to cause her second pair of arms to appear or disappear as she sees fit, her body carved from perfectly lean muscle as befits a dancer of her supernatural skill. Curly copper hair spills down her shoulders, and she changes the color of her skin to suit her dance – from the richest ebony to the purest alabaster.

She does not so much inhale when she speaks as the air obeys her will to produce sound. She gazes upon each of you in turn before she does speak, her mouth opening slightly - though her lips do not move.

Terpsichore is known for finding particular delight in the company of mortals. Prior to the end of the Celestial War, she was known to have taken many mortal men and women to her bed – and even to have birthed some children, apparently out of a desire to know the experience. She often refers to the act of intercourse as a dance, and is still rumored to walk the earth in the guise of a mortal in the interest of engaging in the activity.
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