Author Topic: Sidereus Legendary Progression - Alpha and Beta Slot  (Read 252 times)


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Sidereus Legendary Progression - Alpha and Beta Slot
« on: February 24, 2019, 09:07:43 PM »
Once your character hits Level 30, they are legendary and unlock the Alpha slot in their legendary progression.  Once you've selected your Vice or Virtue and the benefits you want, email and the logistics team will update your character sheet. 

Once your character hits Level 31, they are *eligible* to unlock the Beta slot.  This will require your character to accomplish a Legendary Deed in game. 

Legendary Deed:

The Heroborn Legend accomplishes a Legendary Deed when they complete a task (or are instrumental in the completion OF a task) that has an impact on a Region, Country, Continent or more, or has a direct impact on 100,000 or more people. The Plot Committee reserves the right to ignore this restriction or deem such an accomplishment insufficient at any time. The Plot Committee may determine that a deed meets Legendary status if it will *eventually* affect 100,000 or more people, even if it doesn't immediately.This provides a boost to the character's *Notoriety* or *Infamy* (system not complete yet).

If you think your character has accomplished a Legendary Deed, please email Plot for approval.  Once approved, you can email logistics to let them know what you choose for your Beta slot.

Also email logistics if you have any questions.

One edit to the file:  The Tranquil Trait provides immunity to Berserk **and** Hallucinate.

Please note:  Characters with a vulnerability must buy it off or gaining an immunity from any source only removes the vulnerability and provides 3 resists to that thing.
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