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Social Event Calendar Updates
« on: January 19, 2019, 01:29:58 PM »

The following are the new dates for our upcoming social events -

[2/9/2019] "Call of the Amaranthine" - First Prelude ((Mythos: The Anubis Chronicles Event))

[2/16/2019] The Lunaris Festival - "Whispers of the Amaranthine"

[2/23/2019] The Vernius Festival - "Love's Respite"


These events will definitely take place on these dates, and will be coming down in price. All events will have a **BACKUP** location of The Nexus; now located at 220 Willett Ave in Riverside, RI.

The primary location will be the Clarion Inn in Seekonk, MA. See the event Facebook pages for more details.

Admission will be using the new admission structure, see each event listing for more details.

If you have already purchased admission for The Lunaris Festival - "Whispers of the Amaranthine", you will receive a free gift at the event.

See you all there!!
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