Author Topic: "The Consecration of Shadows" - Favorite Moments  (Read 870 times)

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Re: "The Consecration of Shadows" - Favorite Moments
« Reply #15 on: October 30, 2018, 06:04:07 PM »

-Vez and Asgier side glance on the 'un-reacted to burn'

I DIDN'T EVEN MEAN TO.  also that cough was definitely hiding the laugh ez prime was holding in.

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Re: "The Consecration of Shadows" - Favorite Moments
« Reply #16 on: November 01, 2018, 10:26:50 PM »
This event was amazing and terrifying in all the best ways. Perfect for Halloween! I was super excited when I found out we were having a Halloween themed event and being able to be apart of it with everyone that was able to attend, made it ten times as meaningful. I love you guys so, so much ♥️

Favorite Moments:

-Sassing/Arguing with the dead while in a triage (Thank you Tari), performing surgery on a group of 5.

-Dead Asgier giving me so much lip!
Me: Oh god this is going to take me atleast an hour....
OOG/Dead Asgier: Just throw me out of the triage.
Me:What? No!

-Minutes later-
Me: *explain to alex what's going to happen once out of surgery*
Asgier: I'm telling you, just throw me out of the triage.
Me: You're dead! You don't get an opinion!

-After 5 more times complaining and telling me to throw him out of the triage-

-During that same surgery session, after already performing surgery on three people, Vezra walking in and telling me that we needed them dead.
Me: You couldn't have told me that about 40 minutes ago...? 😭
Asgier: Finally...

-Lilly! The cutest little Eidolon ever!

-Rifting out to Duchess's realm with the Scarecrow just as he was about to kill me.

-Being in the middle of performing surgery on Stern when Neal's Wight walks over.
Me:*looks up* Give me 5 minutes...?
Wight:.....Okay. *walks away looking for someone else to kill*

-Realizing that I accidentally absorbed Valor while performing surgery on Able.
Able:Can you get her out!?
Me:I don't know! The only thing that I've absorbed that popped back out was Z!
Able:...You absorbed Z!?

-Me: Hey um....Vezra...? when I was performing surgery on Able....I kind of....sorta...absorbed Valor.

-Releasing a void free Valor from my choker and a very very happy Able. So many hugs!

-Explaining to Able and Cadence to bring any Heroborn spirits to me so that I can resurrect them and Cadence's sly response.
Cadence: "But Cali, you already lift my spirits." (You're such a derp Cam~)

-Bonding with Dio

-Kyrus and Cali swapping sitting next to each other while the other is alone.

-Tackle hugging Phil!

- Caswen: "You can't play fetch with a Werewolf, they're not dogs!"
Me:It's for science!

-Tari Comforts ♥️ (Love you Kristen)

-Hanging out in Duchess realm with Vezra and Mara, cuddling in the doorway, OOG watching the destruction of the town to then see Lilith, out of no where, sneaking away from the chaos whispering, "I'm out guys, I'm out!"

-Vezra asking to be an honorary Silver Sister~ Silly....You already were.

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Re: "The Consecration of Shadows" - Favorite Moments
« Reply #17 on: November 02, 2018, 05:37:36 PM »
Getting to hang out with Lilli (who wore me the hell out, lol).

Hanging out in my hide-y spot under the bar while Billy was serving people.

Ducking behind trees at the end mumbling about "this damn shitwater town" and never getting caught or taking a single hit all event.

Fixing Z a few times then periodically walking up to him and scolding him to knock it off even when he wasn't doing anything wrong.
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Re: "The Consecration of Shadows" - Favorite Moments
« Reply #18 on: December 14, 2018, 12:04:23 AM »
I know I'm late in doing this, but better late than never:

  • Less than two seconds walking into game: 1) Meeting Eamon on the road. 2) Getting scolded for the hat being on. 3) Overload of buffs and protections, courtesy of Ezraya.

  • The excited coin counting of Catie in logistics.

  • Walking up to everyone with my cloak bundled up under my arm and saying it felt like a nice spring day. Reactions were priceless.

  • Stern and River walking over and maked sure Emy wasn't under an enchantment. Nope, Emy was just being Emy.

  • Lost track of how many people kept asking how I was so warm/ trying to steal my warmth/ other people using my cloak more than I did.

  • All the Lilly interactions and pinky swearing that Emy wont let anything happen to her.

  • Seeing Lilith again.

  • Emy bolting around tossing dead into the tavern for the ones who can do first aid or surgery. (Sorry guys!)

  • Emy's welcoming gift for the first time going to the Duchess's realm. Chocolate and dildos......Upon returning "Who wants this?"

  • Laying on the floor in the corner with Dawn, Neera and Mara listening to Wildcard.

  • Werewolves running around.

  • Dio selling tickets to see the hiding elf and eidolon behind the bar.

  • The absolute suggestions flying around!

  • Talking to Vezra and hear "All characters who's name start with a vowel, the character to your left is out to kill you." stop mid-sentence and back away from Vezra very quickly. Neera then talking with Emy until the enchantment broke.

  • Starting to walk back to finish conversation with Vezra only to have Fenris try to stop her. Realized he was under a suggestion and let the story to begin!

  • Darting around in the shadows towards the end, praying my glasses don't catch any light to give away my location.

Others may have a different opinion from mine, but looking back I've never felt more like a coward with all the running, not being able to really help and avoiding things with Emy.
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