Author Topic: [October 25, 2018] 25 Theris, 218 of the Fourth Age  (Read 242 times)


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[October 25, 2018] 25 Theris, 218 of the Fourth Age
« on: October 25, 2018, 09:05:53 PM »
[Location: Worldwide]

9:00 PM
A noticeable sensation of Shadow energy passes over the entire globe.

In-game Effects:
- For the Duration of the "Day of Shadows" festivities, (Sundown 10/30 - Sundown 11/1), Magic spells and effects using the "Heal" effect have no impact on living creatures.
- For that same duration, any creature that is dead but able to resurrect may not do so until after Sundown 11/1.
- All dead creatures that are able to resurrect may interact with their environment as corporeal spirits, requiring a silver headband. In this state they may benefit from Heal effects, but should they be killed (go through their Death count), they will permanently die.
- This applies to all resurrection, raise dead and revive effects.

This applies to all non-Undead Player Characters.

Also note, that the upcoming Sidereus Event "Consecration of Shadows" will take place in-game on the Day of Shadows itself (10/31)
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